General MRI Safety

safety.pngMRI is a very powerful resource for imaging the human body. The effects of entering the field and acquiring images include:

  1. Static effects of the magnetic field (3T, 7T, 9.4T)
  2. Gradient Magnetic Fields
  3. Radiofrequency Fields

Each of these have their own aspect to safety for those who work or will be scanned for a study, It is important for anyone who is around these fields to understand how they work to prevent injury. A short explanation of MRI and Safety is at the bottom of this page, All new researchers and associated staff who will be utilizing our facility must undergo safety training. 


This training includes reading the applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), watching 2 online videos, and an onsite safety and facility orientation session.  While most new researchers and staff will only need to complete training at the level of Research Personnel, some individuals may require additional training as Level 1 MRI or Level 2 MRI Personnel.  The extent of the training depends upon the type of facility access and support required.

Safety Videos

Safety is always a priority in the 3T/7T MRI Facility. Users and participants will be under the watchful eye of staff, and should follow MRI operators instructions at all times.

All Research Personnel, Level 1 MRI Personnel must complete appropriate safety training, including:

  1. Reading the SOP’s relevant to their position and signing the forms and returning to CFMM.
  2. Watching the safety videos.
  3. Completing the MRI Safety screening form and a review of Safety procedures by CFMM staff.