Canadas first Whole Body 4T MRI, 6th in the world


Robarts receives Canada’s first wide bore 9.4T.

31cm MRI Varian console


Goodbye to the 4T Varian MRI, CFMM starts it's expansion


The Arrival Of Canadas First 7T Human MRI System (Varian and Siemens)


Canada’s first 3T Siemens Tim Trio


Upgrading to Siemens MAGNETOM 7T pTx 2.1, Still the only Human 7T MRI in Canada, one of 40, 7T Human scanners in the world


Upgrading to Siemens 3T Prisma fit, First Prisma in the world, highest end 3T scanner in the world

Located in a purpose-built wing of Western’s Robarts Research Institute that is physically attached to the London Health Sciences Center - University Hospital, the CFMM has the only collection of high and ultra-high field MRI scanners operating as an integrated core in Canada. Infrastructure funding in the CFMM has totaled over $35M since 1994.

The CFMM currently contains three state-of-the-art MRI scanners, fully equipped RF and hardware development lab and associated peripheral equipment. The flagship scanner is a neuro-optimized Siemens 7 T system with 8 transmitters, 32 receivers and an AC-84II head-gradient coil with 2nd, 3rd and 4th order shims. This unique high-performance brain imaging system was the first Siemens 7 T Plus upgrade in the world (upgraded in collaboration with Siemens in 2019) which brings the 11 year old system (1st human 7 T in Canada by over a decade) up to the contemporary FDA approved Siemens Terra platform operating at software level VE12U.

The CFMM also houses an 9.4 T 31 cm bore animal system A2B upgraded in 2018 with an 8 channel receive Bruker Avance III HD console, IECO high-performance gradient amplifiers and a custom-built gradient coil for marmoset imaging designed by Dr. Blaine Chronik’s xMR Lab in the Physics Department at Western. It is currently the largest bore, highest field MRI system in Canada.

Finally, the CFMM also houses the first customer delivered Siemens Prisma Fit in the world (2013) with 2 transmitters and 64 receivers. This system receives scheduled and purchased upgrades and remains the cutting-edge commercially available 3 T platform for brain research.