Located in a purpose-built space of the Robarts Research Institute (Cuddy Wing) with a physical attachment to the 1st floor of University Hospital, the CFMM houses and operates some of the most sophisticated MRI instrumentation in the world, including the first customer delivered Siemens 3 T Prisma, the first human 7 T MRI in Canada (Siemens MRI Plus), the world’s first actively shielded large-bore 9.4 T small-animal MRI scanner (Bruker Neo) and Canada's only and highest field strength MRI 15.2T mouse MRI (Bruker Neo). Infrastructure funding in the CFMM has surpassed $45M since 1994 – with current equipment capital exceeding $32M including the four state-of-the art MRI scanners, a fully equipped RF and hardware design/manufacturing suite, dedicated animal procedure and preparation spaces, as well as a myriad of peripheral MRI compatible devices necessary to support studies (magnet room projectors, response devices, injectors, physiological monitoring, eye tracking, gas blending systems and recording equipment etc).