Technology Development

Prof. Ravi Menon (CRC) has directed the CFMM since its inception in 1994. He has 22 years of hands-on MRI, MRS and fMRI pulse-sequence and RF hardware contributions in humans at high and ultra-high magnetic fields (≥4T) and 22 years of similar experience with large animals at 4.7T, 7T and 9.4T. Along with his former Minnesota colleagues (Garwood and Ugurbil), he likely has the longest continuous high/ultra-high field track record of anyone in the world[22333670].  He has the leadership experience to manage the team and extensive collaborations, with ~100 of his 140 papers published with other team members on this proposal.

Prof. Blaine Chronik (CRC) is an internationally recognized expert in MR imaging, MR technology development (particularly magnets and gradients) and MR compatible device evaluation and plays a leadership role in the ISMRM (main international MRI society). He has served as a member of the Health Canada’s Scientific Experts Inventory since 2008, which aims to provide expert advice on the safety of new medical devices and technology for Canadians. He has worked at ≥4T since 1998. Dr. Chronik has the skills and technology to computationally simulate RF and gradient fields in tissue and measure the heating, interference, and function of devices exposed to the intense fields of the MR scanner environment.

Prof. Robert Bartha is the Bank of Montreal Chair in Neuroimaging and an Associate Professor of Medical Biophysics and a Robarts Scientist. His expertise includes high and ultra-high field MRI and MRS methods development in patient populations and in animal models, working at 4T since 1996, 7T since 1999 and 9.4T since 2005. He has an extensive background in short-echo time MR spectroscopy acquisition and quantification and volumetric imaging acquisition and analysis. He has joint publications and grants with various team members in the areas of Alzheimer’s disease, MCI, Dementia and Epilepsy.