COVID-19 update March 19th

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As we receive daily communications regarding our research activities in light of COVID-19, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide a quick update on the status of the CFMM operations. A note from Dr Davy Cheng (acting dean) is found here.
Regarding the most recent recommendations by Lawson and Western along with the office of the VPR concerning research activities, the CFMM has moved to a required service model and has ramped down (stopped) all non-essential research. At this time we feel that we cannot assure the safety of our volunteers, colleagues and staff as social distances cannot be maintained in the MRI environment.
What this means over the following weeks until restrictions are lifted:
  • There will be cancellation of all non-essential, currently scheduled MRI research (one week prior)
  • requests for new future MRI bookings will not be accepted
  • CFMM personnel will continue to be available, but virtually, for project consultation - ie. protocol development, data management
  • website ( and Twitter (@WesternCFMM) updates and communications will continue
If you have any questions regarding the CFMM policies and procedures please feel free to contact me. and follow this page for any further updates.