COVID-19 Research Recovery - June 01

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As the university and individual faculties roll out their Back to Work plans, I wanted to update everyone on the operational status of the CFMM Imaging Core and procedural guidelines as we move through the various phases of research recovery.

During the past several weeks, while in Phase 1, the CFMM has been working at both the faculty and institutional level to ensure that research operations may resume safely and efficiently in the upcoming weeks/months.

It is anticipated that we will enter Phase 2 of research recovery in the next 1-2 weeks - and that the CFMM will resume MRI operations for Projects authorized to do so as per the guidelines laid out in the Western Research  Recovery Plan and Research Recovery Plan: Animal-based Research documents.

In brief, when planning on resuming your studies please keep in mind ...

An adjudication process (animal and human) will be implemented for approval of all research activities. This adjudication will occur at the Departmental/School and Decanal levels of each unit. Priority studies might include:

  • New COVID research projects that need to ramp up as fast as possible.
  • Projects with deadlines for publication, deadlines for student graduation, or extensive longitudinal studies where significant cost would be incurred.
  • Grants or contracts that have specific time-sensitive milestones that need to be completed.

Note: It is anticipated that face-to-face research models (ie. human MRI scanning) involving visitors from outside the Robarts will be among the last to re-start in accordance with risk assessment guidelines. In urgent cases the proper use of PPE will enable these studies to advance but only through the use of an approval process administered through the Department oversight models.

Once your study has been adjudicated requests for MRI time may be initiated through as per usual. Procedural guidelines pertaining to scheduling for the safety of research subjects, trainees and staff are outlined in the following document ...

Stay well.

Joe Gati

Director, CFMM