Recent Awards

September 11, 2017

Jonathan & Joshua Memorial Graduate Scholarship

Established by Audrey and Delmar Cobban and matched by Robarts Research Institute, this award recognizes Doctoral research in the area of heart and stroke disease.

Alex Major, PhD Candidate, Neuroscience
Supervisor: Stefan Everling, PhD

This scholarship is given to a Doctoral or Master’s student who is specializing in mental health research, and is generously made available by Mr. Robert McKinnon and friends.

John P. Robarts Award for Innovative Medical Research

May 2017 Award:
Ali Attaran, PhD
Supervisor: Ravi Menon, PhD

This award funding is provided by friends and colleagues of John P. Robarts.

Candidates were selected based on research excellence (demonstrated and potential) and degree of innovation of their work. This included specific assessment of candidate’s research record, and the quality and potential impact of the research to be presented.