• 7T scanner

    The CFMM houses a newly upgraded (2019) Siemens MAGNETOM 7T plus MRI allowing for the visualization of anatomical detail and functional information as never before – capable of ultra-high resolution, enhanced fMRI, and proton spectroscopy, while supporting neuroscience studies and clinical research with ultra-deep insights.

    The Siemens platform is a robust research instrument that is not only powerful in its visualization capacity, but also open for further research development applications. The CFMM has a long-standing research agreement with Siemens for the development of hardware and software related to the advancement of UHF MRI applications.

    The MAGNETOM Siemens ultra-high field 7 Tesla scanner is an optimized human brain MR imaging platform and features a unique state-of-the-art 8 channel transmit (Tx) and 32 channel receive (Rx) RF front end.  The Siemens console operates at VB17A software level (Step 2.3 pTx) along with a highly optimized AC84 (GenII) head gradient engine with a maximum gradient strength of 80 mT/m and includes 2nd, 3rd and 4th order shims for phenomenal whole brain and/or vexel shimming.  The integrated Tim (Total Imaging Matrix) technology provides unprecedented flexibility, accuracy, and speed, and is capable of reducing scan times by up to 50%.  The 7T is primed for unique investigations of the human head or large animal models.

    7T Magnet Specifications:
    • Central field 7.0 T
    • Warm bore diameter: 680 mm
    • Field stability ≤ 0.05 ppm/hr
    • Supercon shims Z1, Z2, Z3, X, Y, ZX, ZY, X2-Y2, XY, Z2X, Z2Y, Z(X2-Y2), ZXY
    • Homogeneity ≤ 5 ppm* over 30 cm DSV
    • Fringe field 6.8 x 4.5 (axialxz)

    • syngo MR software VB17A
    • Advanced neuro, BOLD fMRI, DTI Tractography, SWI
    • MRS Apps: SVS, 2D CSI
    • Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL)
    • MapIt
    • BO and B1 shimming task cards

    • Head-only AC84 II gradient engine — specially tuned for 7T neuro needs. High performance for shorter TE and higher SNR.
    • 80 mT/m max gradient strength; 350 mT/m/s slew rate
    • Includes 2nd, 3rd and z4 shims

    RF transmit and receive system

    • 8-ch Tx/32 -ch Rx Whole Head Array
    • 8-ch Tx/32-ch Rx Occipital-Parietal Array
    • 8-ch Tx/24 -ch Rx Large Animal Head Array
    • 8 Channel Transceive

    UHF-optimized patient table technology:
    • Variable speed patient table adjusted to the fringe field improves patient/volunteer comfort.

    Peripheral Devices:
    • Avotec SV-6011 Rear Projection Video (1024×768)
    • Sensimetrics S15 Insert Earplugs
    • AD Instruments PowerLab 16/sp
    • Current Designs Fibre Optic Response Pads
    • Eyelink 1000 eye tracker
  • Siemens Integrated Physiological Monitoring (ECG, Respiratory, and Pulse)

    Fun Facts: External dimensions (width X length X height) 2700mm X 2200mm X 3240 mm
    Weight (including helium) 27,500 kg… Now that’s one BIG magnet!